Induction of Private Clinical Laboratories in the list to research COVID-19

The Minister of Health together with the Association of Clinical Laboratory Directors, Biomedical and Clinical Laboratory Scientists announces that a preliminary list of laboratories, which can perform the diagnostic methodology that detects viral genetic material (RT-RCR), and is the only accepted and approved method of COVID-19 investigation, is available.

  • Lab Partnership ACT-BIO (Biomedical laboratories Haris Harilaou, Andreas Adamou Chemical Lab and Clinical Labs BIOCHECK – Haris Tiggirides)
  • MEDIFOS Center of Laboratory Medicine and Molecular Diagnosis
  • Theocharides Laboratory
  • Mendel Center for Biomedical Sciences
  • MyGene Molecular Diagnostics
  • Chemichal Lab Diogenous (C.D. DNA Biomedica Science Lab)
  • KP Lambrou Labs Ltd
  • Omilos Bioiatriki (Yiannoukas Chemical Labs)
  • Cooperation of Bioanalysis Clinical Labs (Limassol), Tymvios Clinical Chemical Labs, and PZ Agapiou Diagnostics
  • NIPD Genetics (from March 29th )
  • Molecular Laboratory Department of the American Medical Centre (from Monday March 30th).

It is noted that until the verification process of the reactive cases under investigation is completed, they will be sent to the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics for final treatment and outcome, and then the Ministry’s Epidemiological Surveillance Unit will inform the public of the outcome of their examination.

It is important to state that any direct access by any individual to the Clinical Labs for sample testing that has not be dispatched through the process of the Ministry of Health and the relevant protocols of the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance of the Ministry of Health, will mean that the specific individual will bear the financial burden of the test.