Ministry of Health appeal – Citizens to follow procedures for access to health services

The Ministry of Health, wishing to ensure the unhindered and secure access of citizens to health services, given the conditions created by the coronavirus, appeals to citizens to follow the procedures as set out below:

  • If a citizen has a suspected coronavirus-related symptom, he or she  contact their General Medical Practitioner by phone, who, after evaluating the information, will give him/her the initial instructions to follow.
  • Access at the Public Health Practices can only be carried out if the Personal Practitioner deems it necessary and after consultation with the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit, the General Personal Practitioner will arrange an appointment for the patient.
  • – If a citizen is diagnosed as positive with the coronavirus, given his / her clinical status, he / she will remain in home quarantine and will be monitored over the phone by his Personal General Practitioner.
  • Citizens are urged not to go to their personal doctors’ offices unless they themselves advise otherwise.

Generally, citizens are encouraged to contact their GP by telephone and follow his instructions.