Isolation at home for cases of the COVID-19 disease or their close contacts and arrivals in Cyprus from category C countries

On the basis of the favourable conditions prevailing in Cyprus in the last few days, the Epidemiological Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Health emphasizes that there must not be any relaxation on the part of the citizens of the various protection measures, which are necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The protection of Public Health calls for the curtailment of activities and the containment of certain persons in a state of isolation at home.
Persons who are tested positive to the coronavirus without symptoms or with mild symptoms would have the choice either to be transferred for isolation at Eden Resort, Wellness or the Rehabilitation Centre, or remain in house isolation until given a release.

Persons who have been defined as close contacts of verified cases of infection by the coronavirus (COVID-19) following relevant tracing by the Epidemiological Monitoring and Control Unit for Infectious Diseases, should also stay in house isolation for 14 days, according to the recommendation of the World Health Organization.

Persons which have arrived in Cyprus from any country other than those included in Categories A and B ( should also be placed in house isolation for a period of 14 days.
Persons in self isolation shall be obliged to comply with the relevant Decree. At the same time, these persons should follow the relevant health guidelines (Subtheme “Guidelines for the public”) which have been issued.

It is also stressed that in order to prevent the worsening of the virus and help the return to normality, the strict rules of hygiene must continue to be adhered to by all the citizens. The strategy for lifting the measures rests on our individual and collective responsibility.