The plans for the period 13-30 June have been posted on the special website of the Ministry of Labor

The Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Security announces that the applications for all the Special Plans for the period from 13 June 2020 to 30 June 2020 have been posted on the special website

We remind you that that the Special Plans for which applications are submitted for the above period are as follows:

1. Special Plan of Hotel Units and Tourist Accommodation (EEA Application.9)
2. Special Plan of Financial Activities related to the Tourism Industry or Financial Activities which are directly affected by Tourism or Financial Activities related to Companies that are under Mandatory Full Suspension (Application EEA.10 and EEA.11)
3. Special Plan for the Complete Suspension of the Company’s Operations (EEA Application.3)
4. Special Plan for Businesses of Certain Financial Activities (EEA Application.13)
5. Special Unemployment Support Plan (EEA Application.8)

Templates of the Approved Accountant Report have also been posted on the special website, which must be submitted electronically along with the corresponding application for the Special Plans to be submitted.

In addition, it is emphasized that all companies must complete and submit their bank account details (IBAN) to the Enterprise Account Statement (EEA.12).

Individuals applying for an EEA.8 (for the Special Unemployment Support Plan) must fill in and submit their bank account details (IBAN) in the Bank Account Statement (EEA.6) if their account has not been registered and confirmed previously.