Laboratory testing of 10,000 employees who have been reactivated in the second and third phases of the Strategy to Lift Restriction

As of today, the program for the laboratory testing of 10,000 employees in places / companies that have been reactivated in the second and third phase of the strategy for the gradual lifting of the restrictive measures begins.

The new program is subsidized by the Ministry of Health, following a decision taken by the Council of Ministers on June 3, 2020, and falls within the broader policy of the Government to check the general population, taking into account the importance of conducting laboratory tests to treat COVID-19, with the aim of reducing the coronavirus spread.

The program is aimed at people working in areas / businesses that reopened on June 1, as well as those that reopened on June 9 and 13 during the third phase of the strategy and are working in public service positions.

Specifically, laboratory tests through the program can be submitted by employees of the following premises:

1. Businesses / Places that have been reactivated since June 1 in the second phase:

• Libraries
• Museums
• Archaeological sites and historical sites,
• Hotel units and tourist accommodation

2. Businesses / Places that were reactivated on June 9 and 13 as part of the third phase:

• Shopping malls / department stores
• Indoor dining services
• Gyms

The testing will be conducted on a nationwide basis, will be on a sampling basis and will not apply to all individuals working in these companies.

The table below shows the number of people to be examined per number of employees per property:

  Number of employees per property / workplace Number of Employees Tested
1 Up to 3 1
2 Up to 10 3
3 Up to 30 6
4 Up to 50 10
5 Up to 100 30
6 From 100 and above 40
7 From 150 and above 70