Registration of Self-Service (Sharing Economy) Accommodation Establishments as per Deputy Ministry of Tourism

Guidelines have been shared by the Deputy Ministry for Tourism with regards to the registration of Self-service (Sharing Economy) Accommodation Establishments.

Guidelines have been issued in English Here.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism defines the Self-service Establishments in 3 segments:

1. Furnished Villas – With direct and exclusive access, privacy and autonomy and include an exclusive landscaped garden.
2. Furnished Residences – Located in a row or complex or detached house they have autonomy, private shared or public external access and privacy (without shared staircase).
3. Apartment

Obligations of Operators, Registration in the Register, Safety, Inspection and General Operating Principles are all outlined in the document.

For the purpose of registering the self-service accommodation in the register of the Ministry of Tourism, an online platform will be created, through which the interested parties will be able to register their accommodation and secure the special sign for operation and registration permit.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Tourism, the process of registering self-catering accommodation is expected to begin in the first months of 2021. The entire registration process will be done exclusively through a special online platform