Mask Usage – Where and by Whom should it be used – Ministry of Health

Through the Press and Information office additional guidelines have been provided with regards to the use of protection masks by the Ministry of Health.

In the context of the measures of individual protection and precaution of Public Health, the use of a mask is a complementary measure and does not replace the application of other precautionary practices such as social distancing, hand hygiene, cleaning surfaces, natural ventilation of living and working areas.

The use of a disposable mask for the general public is recommended and not mandatory in cases of presence of citizens in crowded and closed spaces, where there is a gathering of people, such as supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies, banks, departments of  the Public and Wider Public Sector and public transport.

As far as employees are concerned, the use of a disposable mask is mandatory for people employed in:

  • Public transport (e.g. bus drivers),
  • Interior spaces of private enterprises, Departments of the Public and wider public sector, which serve the public.
  • Individuals working in positions of direct public service in retail businesses (e.g. cash registers, citizen service, etc.).

To partially meet the needs of employees in the above areas, the Ministry of Health, following a relevant decision of the Council of Ministers, will provide a free quantity of masks to these companies.

The Ministry of Health has already launched a tender to secure 9 million surgical masks, part of which will be distributed, in co-operation with OEB, KEVE and POVEK, to the affected companies in the private sector.

A number of masks will be given to the Departments of the Public and wider Public sector.

The Ministry of Health also notes the correct way to use the mask:

1. The mask covers the face from the tip of the nose, mouth and chin.

2. Before applying or removing the mask, wash your hands with soap and water or an alcoholic antiseptic solution.

3. Remove the mask by carefully removing it from the back and do NOT touch the front.

4. After use, place the mask in a trash can.