Ministry of Health Announcement – Laboratory testing to detect COVID-19

The Ministry of Health has announced the following with regards to the approved method of COVID-19 testing and work on a list of approved labs for detection on March 23rd :

After Consultation with the Association of Clinical Laboratories Directors, Biomedical and Clinical laboratory Scientists, the Ministry of Health announces that valid method for the detection of COVID-19 is through molecular testing which at the current stage is the only appropriate method of detection and identification.

The Ministry of Health having taken into account the will of the members of the Association to contribute constructively towards treating the pandemic, has sent a letter to all Clinical, Biomedical and University Labs asking them to declare within 24 hours their capability to carry out molecular testing.

When the procedure is finalized a list of approved labs will be available for citizens who do not fall under the current categories for carrying out detection tests but want to do so pre-emptively. The mentioned list will be made publicly available as soon as ready.

The Ministry of Health takes the opportunity to inform the public that the “rapid tests” which exist in the market are not an approved method of detection and exhibit a high proportion of false positive results.