Registrar of Companies and Measures for supporting companies affected by the Coronavirus

In the context of the measures taken by the Government to support companies / businesses affected by the restrictive measures imposed to limit the spread of Coronavirus, the Department of Registrar of Companies announces the following:

4th Companies Compliance Campaign for Registration of Due Annual Reports:
– The process of three months in advance publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic before the delisting of non-compliant companies is suspended until January 2021.

Payment of the annual fee of € 350:
– The option to pay the annual levy for 2020 is extended until December 31, 2020 without the additional sur charge of 10% and 30%.

Imposition of a fee for late submission of forms at the Registrar
– This will be postponed until 2021 in cooperation with the House of Representatives

Submission to the Department of the 2020 Annual Report:
– The Annual Report dated 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020 may be submitted to the Department until 28/01/2021, without the charge of € 20 for late registration.

Due to the relative adjustment to be made to the Registrar system, it is recommended that companies intending to submit the Department’s Annual Report 2020 in advance, await the Registrar’s announcement.

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