Over 19,000 appointments for individuals with Diabetes Mellitus and Severe Obesity – Simplified appointment procedure for vaccination against COVID-19

The Vaccination Portal has opened 29 March, for individuals with Diabetes Mellitus and Severe Obesity, with a simplified appointment procedure for vaccination against COVID-19. The National Vaccination Plan proceeds on the basis of the planning and availability of vaccines, with priority currently being given to the vaccination coverage of individuals with diseases, who have an increased risk of serious illness.

As announced by the Ministry of Health, from March 29th, at 8 a.m., until April 1st, at 7 p.m.19,246 appointments will be made available with priority to individuals, irrespective of age, with:

  1. Type I Diabetes Mellitus and Type II Diabetes Mellitus, who take insulin,
  2. Diabetes Mellitus and macrovascular and/or microvascular complications (Coronary Artery Disease, Peripheral Angiopathy, Chronic Renal Disease, Vascular Stroke, Carotid Artery Disease, Retinopathy), and
  3. Severe Obesity (individuals with BMI>40, or BMI>= 35 and metabolic syndrome)

In collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, the Department of Information Technology Services, the Health Insurance Organisation and the NCR company, the Vaccination Platform has been upgraded, while the procedure of entering the Vaccination Portal has been simplified to facilitate citizens who wish to schedule an appointment.

As shown in the images below, from the Home Page of the General Health System, citizens have direct access to the Vaccination Portal, by clicking on the option “Vaccination Portal”.

Then, for the protection of the data that are registered, citizens fill in the Username and the Password they already use to login to their personal account in the General Health System.

After entering the Portal, citizens are informed about the Vaccination Centres and the vaccine that is being administered in each of the centres and then, after accepting the conditions, they proceed to the arrangement of their appointment.

As in the case of the age criterion, the Vaccination Portal will confirm the individuals who meet the criteria, based on the data held in the General Health System (GESY) Software. These data must be registered in their medical records by their personal physicians, and the issuance of a relevant medical certificate is not required.

It is reminded that patients who are not registered or are not beneficiaries of the General Health System (GESY), will be given priority for vaccination, based on the criteria that apply to everyone else, upon confirmation by their personal physician and after sending a relevant e-mail to the e-mail address emvoliasmos.eidikes@moh.gov.cy, expressing the patient’s interest for vaccination and quoting the Identity Number/Identification Document Number, the patient’s contact telephone number, and indicating the Priority Group to which they fall within (Diabetes Mellitus or Severe Obesity).