The implication on Cybersecurity from the increased proportion of our staff working from Home

Due to the latest global/local developments, many companies have switched to a work from home model which poses risks.

Traditional anti-virus solutions are unable to protect users against sophisticated or advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. To keep endpoints safe, a solution must quickly analyze and respond to such threats.

Cybercriminals are exploiting the coronavirus situation through the wide distribution of mass emails posing as legitimate medical and or health organizations”

Under this circumstances, the endpoints of each organization are vulnerable to attackers and better measures have to be taken.

An EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solution will offer superior protection to an Antivirus which lacks advanced features such as threat intelligence, AI and machine learning patterns, or real-time indicators of compromise (IOC) engines that rely on current and frontline intelligence to help find hidden threats.

Do be aware of the increased risks posed by the changing mode of work.

If any CIBA member companies have questions with regards to the challenges faced please contact us and we can direct you to talk with member companies of the Cybersecurity sector who can advise.