Please note here below and Announcement from the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health, needing to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted flow of lab tests for citizens who under clinical and epidemiological criteria need to undertake these, reminds the General Public of the process that has to be followed:

1. Citizens with respiratory infection (cough, fever, dyspnoea) symptoms who have travelled in the past 14 days to a country with an active coronavirus epidemic or have contacted a confirmed case of the virus should call 1420 for more information.
It is clarified that in many cases individuals who have travelled to countries with increased coronary activity and have communicated with 1420 are not subjected to sample collection and are referred to their Personal Practitioner for further guidance. This is because the division of people being examined is carried out on the basis of protocols and international standards, and therefore they should trust the specialists and follow the advice of their Personal Practitioner, who will guide them in their next actions.
Contact with the Personal Practitioner should be unhindered in cases where symptoms persist so that these individuals receive the necessary treatment. Restraint in movement and isolation are always required to protect both the patients themselves and their families.

2. Citizens who are symptomatic but do not have a travel history nor have contacted a confirmed case of coronavirus should contact their Personal Practitioner by telephone for further guidance. These people should NOT contact the Call Center 1420.

3. The Ministry of Health shall extend the operation of Public Health Practices in the next coming days. The purpose of these clinics is to serve citizens whose symptoms, according to the algorithmic analysis, do not lead to safe conclusions about whether or not a coronavirus is occurring, and health professionals believe it would be advisable to investigate further. Public Health Practices operate only by appointment and after referral from the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit.

It is emphasized that there is a worldwide shortage of medical equipment needed to perform the laboratory tests needed to confirm coronavirus, and guidance from the World Health Organization or the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECD) is that the protocol be strictly adhered to for the persons who fulfil the clinical and epidemiological criteria and must undergo this examination.

It must be understood that in these difficult times that our country is facing, citizens must contribute in their way to the efforts of the responsible authorities.
As such, due to practical as well as humanitarian reasons such as the priority for people belonging to the vulnerable population groups, citizens are urged to follow the instructions of the officers of 1420 as well as their Personal Doctors without panic. The goal is that none of our fellow citizens’ health be subjected to risk and to do what needs to be done, following instructions and protocols as stated.